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Black History Month and Columbus At-Large Political History

In 1965, the civil rights organizations such as the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Southern Christian Leadership Council decided to make Selma, Alabama a focus of a Black voter registration campaign.  On February 18th of that year, a group of White segregationists attacked a group of peaceful protesters, and an Alabama State Trooper killed […]

Democratic Party Insiders Call for Change to Columbus City Council Elections

Four Columbus residents who are members of the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee (residents elected to the party‚Äôs governing body by residents of their ward). The four, representing voting wards in Olde Towne East/Franklin Park, East Columbus/Krumm Park, the Near Southside, and the King-Lincoln District support the Everyday People for Positive Change citizen ballot proposals, […]


In 1912 the Ohio General Assembly passed a law allowing local communities to establish charters and operate by local, rather than state law.  In 1914, the City of  Columbus adopted a charter, with the campaign headed by Hugh Huntington, out of the Chamber of Commerce offices.  The charter established a 7 member council, which the […]