In February of 2018, Everyday People for Positive Change submitted signatures and addresses of over 40,000 Columbus residents who demand that their City Council is representative of its people, not its power brokers. They unanimously voted the people’s petition down despite that the Board of Elections had certified that it had enough signatures to force it onto the ballot.

Everyday People filed a lawsuit with the Ohio Supreme Court on the morning of Monday, March 5th. That evening, Council President Shannon Hardin sneaked a bill onto the floor that called for a bait-and-switch version of the current system for a city-wide vote. The measure passed 5-2.

While he voted in favor of putting this diluted issue on the ballot, newly appointed Councilman Remy lamented that the issue of district representation was being talked about “by a few that resonates much larger than. . .the community cares to enact.”

The last time we checked, 40,000 was a lot more than a few.

We believe that everyday people in Columbus deserve the right:

—  to elected officials who live in their communities and understand the unique needs, benefits, and challenges in each

— to a fair and competitive campaign finance structure that lets real people make a difference and not just huge corporations

If you believe that too, please add your name to ours and endorse Everyday People for Positive Change. In the next few weeks, we will be compiling for publication and campaign purposes a list of people and organizations that endorse this election system reform effort.  If you would like to endorse, please complete the form below. We will contact you to confirm endorsement details prior to publication. Thank you for your support.