Campaign Finance Reform

Summary of Changes to Existing Law: The following table provides a very basic summary of major policy provisions of current law and the proposed citizen-initiated ordinance. The full text (draft) of the ordinance is below for download, review and comment.

SectionExisting LawProposed Law
Sec. 1701.02 Defines a “Municipal Election Period”No provision
The period 90 days before nominating petitions are filed to 30 days after election. No municipal campaign committee may keep more than $25,000 in campaign outside of Municipal Election Period
Sec. 107.02Limits contributions to $10,000 (adjusted for inflation, now over $12,000), Excludes contributions from other city candidate campaigns from the cap.Limits contributions to $500. Includes contributions from other city campaigns.
Sec. 107.7 Establishes Columbus Fair Campaigns FundNoneCreates a fund, using 1 percent of the annual state of Ohio casino taxes transferred to Columbus and a 2% (of avoided property taxes) fee charged to beneficiaries of real property tax abatements.
Allows candidates who agree to cap aggregate expenditures to $60,000 to match small donations (<$25) at a 4:1 rate, where a $10 small donation draws $40 from the fund.
Sec. 107.8 NoneCreates a commission to oversee campaign finance law and a commission to review election practices to aid in fair and competitive elections.