Comment and Input

Campaign Finance Reform Input

We are seeking input into the content and politics of our proposed campaign finance reform citizen-initiated ordinance.
  • Please indicate your level of support for the $25,000 cap on the amount of money candidates can keep in their account outside of a campaign period.
  • Please indicate your level of support for the proposed $500 per year cap on contributions from all sources (individuals, campaigns, corporations, etc.)
  • Please indicate your level of support for the general concept of public funding for council campaigns.
  • Please indicate your level of concern about the financing plan and proposed sources of funds overall. Will voters be concerned that these public funds are being used for politicians.
  • Does the 4:1 match of small dollar donations make sense?
  • Is $25.00 an appropriate amount to define small dollar donations that can receive matching funds?
  • Please indicate if $60,000 voluntary cap is an appropriate amount to finance a district-based campaign.
  • Please provide input into the proposal, including whether other policies should be considered for inclusion
  • Please indicate if this ordinance scope is sufficient (covering city council only), or if it should be expanded to include mayoral, city attorney, and/or auditor offices as well. Please check the boxes you believe this ordinance should address.