Petitions For Ballot Issue To Be Submitted And Press Conference Set for Tuesday at 11:00 AM  


For Immediate Release: February 5, 2018

Columbus, Ohio Everyday People for Positive Change, a citizen ballot initiative seeking to reform Columbus City Council, announces it will be filing 42,414 petition signatures calling for a vote on a charter amendment to reform the Columbus City Council electoral system. The group is holding a press conference on Tuesday, February 6th at 11:00, at 1112 E. Main Street, before taking the 1,169 part-petitions containing 42,414 petition signatures calling for a May 2018 ballot vote, to the city clerk.

“People are sick and tired of the corruption of our elections at all levels,” says Jonathan Beard, Treasurer of Everyday People, “and we as citizens have the power and the responsibility to take control of our democracy and fix its flaws. Everyday People petition committee member Joe Sommer says, “It’s become clear that council’s preference is to maintain the unfair status quo, such as by stalling and deflecting attention from the very real issues on the council. It’s time for the People to make the needed reforms.” Suzanne Patzer says “we have been working for improvement at the grassroots level for a long time, but this council simply doesn’t hear the voices of everyday people.”

In addition to proposing a comprehensive reform of the council structure and elections – which the council has stated opposition to and might force a lawsuit causing a million dollar special election — Everyday People announces that the NAACP Legal Defense Fund will be coming to Columbus on February 22nd for its first investigatory/fact-finding trip, as the LDF (our nation’s pre-eminent civil rights law firm) seeks to assess its concerns that the current council “at-large” elections are in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The LDF is Nationally known for litigating against at-large elections systems like Columbus’s that are racially discriminatory in violation of the Voting Rights Act.


Contact: Jonathan C. Beard Phone: 614-395-1946 Email:



3 thoughts on “          Petitions For Ballot Issue To Be Submitted And Press Conference Set for Tuesday at 11:00 AM  ”

  1. What are the profile, demographics, and agenda of the”Everyday People” initiative?

    From my experience, is true that trying to petition Columbus City Council members is like trying to communicate with the invisible untouchables; for they have proven themselves to be unresponsive, to a degree corporately incestual, and certainly not adept with problem solving or critical thinking skills.

    Long ago, they earned the name, Columbus City CloWnCiL.

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