We’re Back!!!

Yes, we're back as concerned everyday citizens continuing to fight for political reform.  Last August, with Issue 1, we put a proposed amendment to the Columbus City Charter on the ballot -- something that had never been done by everyday citizens in the 100 year history of the charter.  While our charter has had voted amendments more than 70 times in the past, those amendments were always proposed by politicians for their interests (like 2014's Issue 8, in which they slipped in automatic annual pay increases for themselves) -- last year was the first time citizens put something on the ballot to serve the public interest.  And the community power brokers didn't like it: they spent $1.1 million in a blatantly false negative advertising campaign that distorted the reforms we had proposed, and the public believed the lies and we got our butts beat at the polls.  Your government told you blatant lies in an election about your right to form a government of your choosing -- what kind of respect are they showing you??!!??

They beat us, but they didn't break us, and ...... we're back with an even stronger proposal.  We will collect about 20,000 valid petition signatures within the next year, so we can again vote on common sense political reforms so we can again trust that our government serves everyday people and not so blindly focused on advancing the interests of the well-monied special interests and elites at our expense.  If we collect these signatures over the next six weeks -- by July 10th -- we will qualify for the November 2017 ballot to run at the same time as the pitiful sham reform the political establishment is signalling they will put on the ballot.  The last time we knocked on the door, this time we're going to kick the sucker in!

"As above, so below" ... we have seen the national elections and want better locally.  We can no longer allow political elites decide our future -- as citizens in a democracy we must fight for our generation and those yet unborn.  We need help circulating petitions and educating people on this topic.  Join us as we fight the good fight for citizen electoral control of our government. Thank you.

-- Jonathan  C. Beard

Everyday People for Positive Change

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